Mateo Jacuzzo

Arts Education

Hometown: Lancaster, NY

Major: Spanish

Graduation Year: 2027

Why did you choose Daemen University?

I chose Daemen because of the small class sizes and scholarship opportunities. 

Why did you choose your present major?

I chose my present major because Spanish is something that can be applied universally especially when combined with my Business minors. This combination can open a lot of doors.

Please briefly describe your Scholar's Day.

Scholar's Day was my first time on campus. I remember going in with expectations that were met beyond what I would've imagined and I am really happy to have had that experience. Scholar's Day is also a great introduction to professional interviews.

Please describe your academic experience at Daemen.

My academic experience has been outstanding, I have really gained a lot of knowledge in just my first semester. And in my Freshman year I am already taking third year level courses.

What do you like best about Daemen?

Definitely the class sizes

What clubs or organizations have you been a part of here at Daemen College? What kinds of things do they do?

I am part of the Honors Program. President of the Music Club which I restarted last semester. I am also a member of Dare 2 Dream and Hispanos y Latinos Unidos. 

Please describe any internship, study abroad, service learning or academic experience?

I am planning on Studying abroad in Alicante, Spain during my Junior year. My service learning will be done at a mission in Guatemala. 

Do you have a job or jobs on campus? Please provide a brief description.

Yes, currently I am a Diversity Ambassador. Our job is to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice at Daemen. To commit to creating a platform for change and inclusion through exploring geographic, racial/ethnic, gender identity, ability, religion, and other types of diversity. 

What is your favorite spot to stop by in town?

Barnes & Noble on The Boulevard

What piece of advice would you give to prospective students?

Don't be afraid to ask for help if there is a problem. The school has many people who can figure out almost anything you bring to them. Whether academic, personal, or anything in between.