Matilda Lovejoy

Matilda Lovejoy

Hometown: Scotia, NY

Major: Animation

Graduation Year: 2024

Why did you choose Daemen University?

This scholarship plus the opportunity to sit in on a freshman animation class when I was in high school were the deciding factors in me choosing Daemen.

Why did you choose your present major?

Because animation combined my love for movies and art.

Please briefly describe your Scholar's Day.

Overwhelming, and intimidating.

Please describe your academic experience at Daemen.

A Rollercoaster

What do you like best about Daemen?

Some of the people and professors I have meet. 

Please describe any internship, study abroad, service learning or academic experience?

I took service learning in my department a couple of years ago. This class turned out to be one of my favorite classes that semester. In this class we are working on animating a 2D PSA short film.

Do you have a job or jobs on campus? Please provide a brief description.

I am a work study student for the Animation Department. I have multiple responsibilities including doing secretarial duties and odd assignments within the department. 

What is your favorite spot to stop by in town?

My bed in the peace and quiet. 

What piece of advice would you give to prospective students?

"Make the plan, Execute the plan, Expect the plan to go off the rails, Throw away the plan" - Captain Cold