Katelyn Bechtel

Katelyn Bechtel

Hometown: Amherst, NY

Major: Data Science

Graduation Year: 2027

Why did you choose Daemen University?

I chose Daemen for the sense of community I felt as soon as I stepped on the campus. The small student to professor creates a high quality of education, the campus is great, and the athletic and academic opportunities were selling points for me.

Why did you choose your present major?

I enjoy math, and the field of data science will allow me to flexibility in my future career as it is a new and quickly growing field.

Please briefly describe your Scholar's Day.

When I arrived I was very nervous about my interview, but the people working the event make you feel very comfortable and reassure you that everything will be fine. The interviewers were kind and allowed me to open up about the things I'm passionate about, leading to a great conversation and ultimately a great interview. It was the tours, people I met, and experiences from Scholar's Day that truly solidified my decision to attend Daemen.

Please describe your academic experience at Daemen. 

Although adjusting to college can be difficult, I found that the faculty and my peers were understanding and willing to help making it a smooth transition from high school.

What do you like best about Daemen?

My favorite thing about Daemen is the people and sense of community. Whether it is cheering on a team or attending an on campus event, there are constantly opportunities to meet new people and experience different things.

What clubs or organizations have you been a part of here at Daemen University? What kinds of things do they do?

As a part of the Women's Tennis Team I have the opportunity to travel for match-play, work toward team goals both academically and athletically, and participate in fundraising and community service alongside my teammates.

What is your favorite spot to stop by in town?

Glen Falls

What piece of advice would you give to prospective students?

Take advantage of everything college has to offer, putting yourself out there results in valuable experiences no matter the outcome. Daemen has so many opportunities to offer!