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Experience Transforming Your Work and World with an MBA
August 26 | noon - 1:30 p.m. EST
Panel Discussion Virtual Event Via YouTube

Much of the knowledge and hard and soft skills one gains from earning their MBA is applicable across industries. Add those skills to qualities like leadership, critical and analytical thinking, creativity, and communication, and it’s a recipe for success and innovation. That’s why an MBA degree can be career and life-changing. 

So, have you been thinking about pursuing an MBA, but want to learn more to see if it’s really right for you?

In the fourteenth installment of our virtual panel series, Daemen College will lead a conversation on acquiring the forward-thinking analytical, strategic, and financial skills necessary to become future business leaders, entrepreneurs, or innovators in the modern economy. The panel will discuss their experience pursuing an MBA, what happens in the classroom, and how to help enhance one’s career goals and commit to lifelong learning.

Sponsored by graduate programs and the Masters in Business Administration program at Daemen College, listen in on this virtual event and join our panelists as they share thoughts on incorporating proven business strategies taught in an MBA program to find success. They’ll also touch on distinguishing a unique skill, self-improvement, and the drive for transformation and innovation.

Pursuing an MBA can set you up for your next big career move. Are you ready to discover how? Join us and let’s begin!

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