Voices of Veterans 

April 15 | noon - 1:30 p.m. EST
Panel Discussion Virtual Event Via YouTube

The Student Experience at Daemen College   ​

For the first time in US history, many men and women of uniform have potentially served their entire military career during two decades of continuous war, global unrest, and conflict. Largely, these happenings can be some of the reasons that have prevented these American heroes from earning or finishing their college education or pursuing higher education of their choosing. 

Knowing that oftentimes veteran students require specialized support, Daemen ensures that they are connected to the resources required for scholastic success, mental health care and medical attention, and readjustment to civilian and student life. This can include helping shape their involvement in athletics programs, student clubs and organizations, and a variety of learning environments and other types of social interaction. 

Enhancing veteran success is directly tied to a sense of community. Having dedicated space, staff, and services at an institution can produce an unparalleled experience. That is why Daemen student veterans benefit from a dedicated full-time staff specifically assigned to the Veteran Services department to help students meet their needs. The Nancy Haberman Gacioch Center is accessible to veteran and military-aligned students 24 hours a day and provides support in the form of computers, printers, and study materials, and also provides a quiet, secure, and comfortable lounge for study, socializing, or simply rest. These assets are key in forging a successful transition to higher education.

Veteran students continue to help shape the understanding of what a college student is today. Appreciating and integrating the veteran student experience into campus culture provides a rich and engaging campus climate for all.

In the ninth installment of our virtual panel series, Daemen will recognize and explore the veteran student experience. The diverse panel will also assess Daemen’s commitment to this unique student population and look at how it helps strengthen the entire college community. 

Sponsored by the Nancy Haberman Gacioch Center and graduate programs at Daemen College, listen in live and join our panelists as they share their voices, experiences, and thoughts on the veteran experience in higher education. Learn how to help the veteran population thrive and listen in as panelists discuss the needs of men and women in the college environment after having served.

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