Lavender Graduation, a cherished tradition celebrated at colleges and universities nationwide, serves as a significant milestone to honor and applaud the achievements of LGBTQ+ graduates. This historic event acknowledges the perseverance and invaluable contributions of LGBTQ+ students to their campus communities. Amidst a backdrop of inclusivity and acceptance, Lavender Graduation stands as a beacon of recognition for the unique journeys, challenges overcome, and successes attained by LGBTQ+ graduates. With pride and solidarity, this ceremony symbolizes a collective celebration of diversity and resilience within the academic sphere, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for all attendees.

Graduate wearing black suit seated viewing the ceremony holding bouquet of lavendar
Graduates who have give approval of photo sharing standing in front of Daemen backdrop holding bouquets of lavender and wearing lavender honor ropes
Two guests enjoy cordial conversation after the ceremony
Keynote speaker, Dr. Kurt Blankschaen, wearing a purple button up shirt and standing in front of a podium, delivers a moving address to the graduates and audience
Three guests standing in front of a bistro table decorated with lavender and a pride flag
Trays of cupcakes with purple frosting