In addition to programming and events, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion has also centralized several resources of interest for prospective, first-year, and current students. Daemen continually invests in creating offerings for its students to succeed and thrive during their time on campus, and these are just a handful of the resources that one can take advantage of.

Community Guidebook - a guide to finding restaurants, grocery stores, and other local resources
Daemen Chosen Name Policy - information and instructions on the campus-wide chosen name policy
Holidays and Religious Observances - list of holidays and important dates to use in planning events, courses, etc.
Resources for Undocumented/DACAmented Students - financial aid, campus safety, and other information about documentation status at Daemen and in Buffalo
Diversity Dashboard - statistical data about campus makeup each year based on sex and race
Bias Reporting Form - form to use when one has experienced or witnessed an incident of bias on campus