The Daemen College Community prides itself in helping our first-year students become successful academically, emotionally, personally, and socially. Daemen College is a place for students to make new friends, develop new skills, and learn about themselves and the world. Parents/guardians need to be aware that their sons and daughters are making many new transitions at this time in their life.

To help with this transition we would like to invite all parents/guardians of incoming first year students to our Parent Orientation. The program coincides with the two first year student orientation sessions and will be held Monday, July 13 and Thursday, July 16.

The information sessions are open to all parents and guardians and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the services Daemen offers, where to go when you have questions, and how to address concerns your child may have during their first year.




July 13 or 16


Check-in at Wick Center


Student & Parent Welcome


This session will cover an introduction to the college experience with a focus on student independence, resources available on campus, and supporting students in their success


Ask the Experts Panel
This informative session will introduce parents to the various support services that are available on campus.  Representatives from each department will explain how their office supports the student body and answer any questions parents have regarding services for their student.


Money Matters

The Director of Financial Aid and the Bursar will discuss policies and procedures for loans, tutiion payments, and payment plans.


Morning Wrap-up


Parent Luncheon & Keynote Speaker (see details below)



Choice of:

  • Career Services Presentation
  • First In Family Presentation
  • Information Technology Presentation
  • Bookstore
  • Disability Services


Choice of:

  • +Plus Programs
  • First In Family
  • Information Technology Presentation
  • Jobs on Campus Presentation
  • Athletics Q & A


Choice of:

  • Career Services Presentation
  • Global Programs/Study Abroad
  • Service Learning Presentation
  • ALHANA meet & greet
  • Athletics Q & A

Parent Reception


July 14 or 17


All  Administrative Offices are open for individual questions


Bookstore is open (don't forget your coupon in your packet)


Tour of Campus (optional)


Pick up your student at the Wick Center Lobby




Registration will open in April 1, 2020
(Please note that your student will need to log in with their username and password to make your reservation)

DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR DAEMEN STUDENT. They will be participating in First Year Student Orientation

If you have questions regarding your reservation call Jenn Deithorn or Kim Pagano at 716-839-8200 Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.

david coleman

Keynote Speaker David Coleman


The Art of College Parenting

  • Just as a paintbrush, palette and canvas are the tools an artist uses to perfect their craft, experience, intellect, patience, compassion and love are the provisions parents rely upon as they adapt to parenting a college student. Just as the college experience has a profound impact upon the lives of students (and usually a very positive one), it has an equally significant impact upon the lives of parents. This important Orientation program prepares parents for what lies ahead.
  • In those final moments just before dropping their son or daughter off on the campus doorstep (following Orientation), very little that parents say to their children will have a profound impact on how those students adapt to or progress through college. Why? Because by this point, parents have done all they can to lay the moral, ethical and spiritual foundation to help guide the decisions their sons and daughters will make while in college.
  • In this lighthearted yet highly educational program, parents' fears are alleviated and their most basic and pressing questions are answered. The success of this program also involves the wisdom of VIP's - Veteran Informed Parents - those who either currently have or have already had a son or daughter go through the college "experience." Bottom line: It all comes down to how parents and students work together to make college the exceptional learning experience it is intended to be. This Parent Orientation program is a sure fire way to begin that process.