Cost of Living on Campus 2017-2018


Canavan Hall $4,510/Semester
Campus Apartments $5,074/Semester
Collegiate Village Single (4BR/Apt) $5,125/Semester
Collegiate Village Single: (2BR/Apt) $5,369/Semester
Collegiate Village Shared: (2BR/Shared) $5,125/Semester
Snyder Park $5,074/Semester
Honors House $5,074/Semester
Homewood Suites (if needed) $,4,510/Semester


19 Meal Plan $1,838/Semester    (90 DC Bucks/Semester)
14 Meal Plan $1,663/Semester    (100 DC Bucks/Semester)
10 Meal Plan $1,613/Semester    (110 DC Bucks/Semester)
100 Block*  $1,543/Semester    (110 DC Bucks/Semester)

*The 100 Block Meal Plan is only for students residing in Collegiate Village

Students wishing to alter their meal plan must complete a Meal Plan Change Form prior to the conclusion of Add/Drop in accordance with the Academic Calendar

Students who reside in Canavan Hall are required to hold a 19 Meal Plan

All prices are subject to Board of Trustees Approval in June 2017