Daemen University’s innovative Center for Interprofessional Learning and Simulation (CILS) offers valuable experiential learning opportunities for students and trainees working in many fields, including the health and human service sector.

Conveniently located on Daemen’s Amherst campus, the CILS is used to simulate various professional settings with the use of actors as standardized patients and furnishings that can be rearranged to accommodate different lessons. This allows those using the center to practice high-impact clinical and real-life scenarios with low stakes.

As a result, students and employees develop greater confidence in their knowledge and skills, which serves them well as they encounter people and patients in similar circumstances in their community and career.

Observer timing simulation in lab room
Video Technology

Using the innovative VALT software system, instructors can quickly and easily record, review, and manage high-quality audio and video content from various rooms within the CILS. Therefore, they can conduct performance reviews conveniently to provide immediate feedback for improvement.