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Our Vision

African American child wearing harness working with two therapists on walking rehabDaemen University is creating a state of the art facility with advanced technology and physical therapy equipment that will improve health outcomes of people with mobility challenges; provide specialized training and education for students, faculty, physical therapy providers, healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers; and contribute to rehabilitation research and advocacy. 

The Institute for Mobility Innovation & Technology

Daemen University's Institute for Mobility Innovation & Technology (IMIT) brings to Western New York an advanced post acute physical therapy clinic for people with neurological diagnoses, as well as opportunities for those with orthopaedic issues, sports injuries, and other mobility challenges. IMIT will be located in an under-resourced neighborhood on Villa Maria College’s campus. The Institute will provide:

  • The world’s leading robotic devices and assistive technology, making WNY a destination for post rehabilitative care
  • Diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative conditions, robotic-assisted gait training, patient education, and research with highly-trained clinicians
  • Improved mobility, balance, and walking for people with diminished capacity to move due to a negative health diagnosis or traumatic injury
  • Equity in access for underserved and high need populations
  • Advanced research on optimal usage of technology
  • Advocacy for post rehabilitation opportunities
  • Learning opportunities for students, researchers, community-based physical therapists, and other clinicians

Advanced Technology and Proven Outcomes

IMIT will help a wide range of people with walking and mobility challenges, including those impacted by stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological, pediatric, and orthopedic conditions. 

IMIT’s full complement of equipment addresses a continuum of needs as patients progress in their rehabilitation and promotes recovery for children and adults with diverse challenges.

A Strong Commitment to Community

Daemen’s mission combined with our sustained, collaborative health partnerships contribute to our success as a leader in education, research, and medical treatment. With a demonstrated history of excellence in the allied health sciences since 1974, over 50% of Daemen alumni currently living in WNY majored in health
professions or sciences.

Daemen faculty possess  expertise in orthopedics, wound care, motor learning, neurology, vascular injury, and pediatrics.

“IMIT will be a game changer for many,” said Dr. Michael Brogan, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at Daemen. “By using advanced technologies to improve mobility, balance and performance, IMIT will help people of all ages and abilities achieve optimal outcomes—and become a rehabilitation and training destination in the region.”


Clinical care, Advocacy, Research, and Education

IMIT’s multi-faceted CARE model - Clinical care, Advocacy, Research, and Education - will impact people with debilitating conditions and devastating injuries and their caregivers, students who will carry cutting edge skills forward, researchers who will advance scientific knowledge, and health providers seeking the best care for their patients.

Thank You to Our Supporters

  • Odd Fellow & Rebekah Benefit Fund
  • Foundation 214
  • John R. Oishei Foundation
  • Mother Cabrini Health Foundation
  • Empire State Development
  • The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation
  • Scott Bieler Family Foundation
  • George I. Alden Trust
  • James H. Cummings Foundation
  • The Children’s Guild Foundation
  • Garman Family Foundation
  • Little-Kittinger Foundation Inc.

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Step into the Future with Daemen

Michael Brogan, DPT, PhD
Michael Brogan, DPT, PhD

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of the University
Professor, Physical Therapy | 716.839.8227

Laura Edsberg, PhD
Laura Edsberg, PhD

Professor, Natural Sciences
Director, Natural and Health Sciences Research Center | 716.839.8351