The 52 foot labyrinth that is located on the front lawn near Curtis Hall, is comprised of 1600 paving stones. Each stone was hand laid by one of 30 faculty, staff and student volunteers. 

The labyrinth was built as a memorial to Daemen staff and faculty who have passed away over the years. Dedicated to Anna Ogorek, and the benches that surround the labyrinth have been dedicated to Dr. Charlie Sabatino, Dr. Partick Hartwick, Tim German and Kathy Fields. 

The labyrinth serves as a place for the campus and the community to reflect and relax.  By walking the labyrinth it can help to put life into perspective and quiet the mind. Individuals and groups are encouraged to visit. Daemen's Labyrinth is a member of the World Wide Labyrinth Society, and can be found by the community through their labyrinth locator.