Entrepreneurship is a “life-skill” that does not end once an individual opens a business, starts a not-for-profit, or joins an existing organization.

Photo: Entrepreneurism 301 Students presented their final business pitches at the Design Innovation Garage inside the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Judges of the student's project were employees of 43north, the world's largest business idea competition. 

Program Highlights

  • The Minor in Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary minor designed for all majors and all career paths. The program complements a student’s major and encourages them to find creative and innovative ways to apply their knowledge.
  • Classes introduce students to an entrepreneurial skill set with a significant emphasis on collaborative and creative learning, in addition to a more directed study of business methodology.
  • The minor in entrepreneurship introduces students to the skills needed to effectively and creatively implement successful initiatives that will shape their community, lead to great personal satisfaction, and be a key economic driver.
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Students will learn to: 

  • Experiment with and implement new ideas.
  • Apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to the development of a new business venture.
  • Create opportunities that utilize their initiatives and their talents.
  • Solve problems within traditional job settings using creative thought processes.
  • Present their business concepts to a diverse range of stakeholders. 

Why Entrepreneurship @ Daemen College?

Students have the opportunities to:
• Integrate the concepts of entrepreneurship into the liberal arts
• Generate the vision and action necessary to discover hidden opportunities
• Identify challenges while being able to implement creative solutions
• Develop interpersonal and leadership skills 
• Gain familiarity with the issues entrepreneurs encounter in planning, financing, and launching a venture
• Explore and refine new venture concepts with peers, faculty, and professionals in the field 
• Become acquainted with the many resources available in WNY’s emerging entrepreneurial culture

About Our Program

Additional Information

Amanda Best

Business Administration

“The entrepreneurship program focuses on: creativity, innovative thinking, strategic planning, rational risk taking, the power of networking, and having fun being an entrepreneur! These elements have helped me understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and has made me ready to conquer the entrepreneurial world. I recommend that every student who wants to step out and change the world enroll in the ENTR program!"

Matthew Daddario


“The entrepreneurship program has affected me in a variety of ways. It has definitely been the most exciting and creative component of my education. 

ENTR at Daemen College gives you the chance to do something truly unique, and if you give it your all and believe in your idea, you could find yourself on an incredible journey.”