COVID-19 Expo Cover Image. Male student in a facemask with caution tape that says essential in an X in front of himWhen the COVID pandemic began to rage and the Daemen College campus, like others, was forced to close while the world went into lockdown, the departments of English and Visual & Performing Arts urged students not only to document this moment of history, but also to give creative voice to their responses. Accordingly, and with the support of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Instructional Technology, we announced a campus-wide call for work to be exhibited in a virtual exposition. 10 faculty members from both departments volunteered as jurors and decided on four categories: Literature; Visual Still Image; Moving Image; and Interdisciplinary. The 45 submissions received represent not only a range of disciplines but a spectrum of the extreme emotions affecting our community. Some constants unite all the work: a determination to create during destructive times; a sense that we are moving through darkness but towards a place of light; and the abiding assurance that, although we are apart, we are together.

Dr. Nancy Marck, former Chair, Department of English 
Dr. Robert Waterhouse, Chair, Department of Visual & Performing Arts

Congrats to Winning Submissions

Best Literature

I Can’t Breathe (Poem)
by Berttila Kithia

Best Visual Still Image

In The Darkness (Oil Paint, 20 x 15)
by M. Laike Palermo

Best Visual Moving Image

Apart Together Animation
by Eternity Shorter

Best Interdisciplinary

COVID Became Evidential (Audio/spoken word)
by Telena Smith

Special thanks

  • Dr. Michael Brogan, Senior Vice President Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Greg Nayor, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Instructional Technology

  • Thomas Wojciechowski
  • John Zaephel


  • Department of English
    • Dr. Nancy Marck
    • Dr. Shirley Peterson
  • Department of Visual & Performing Arts
    • Prof. Christian Brandjes, Applied Theater
    • Prof. Kenneth Doyle, Animation
    • Prof. Mike Jones, Animation
    • Prof. Kevin Kegler, Graphic Design
    • Prof. Philip Longson, Illustration 
    • Prof. Casey Kelly, Graphic Design 
    • Prof. Daniel Shanahan, Entrepreneurship
    • Dr. Robert Waterhouse, Chair, Applied Theater 

Graphic & Webpage Designers

  • Prof. Casey Kelly
  • Prof. Kevin Kegler
  • Thomas Wojciechowsk