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The arts are fundamental to our humanity, inspiring us to express our values, and build bridges between cultures. They support communities socially, educationally, and economically.

Experience a wide breadth of studio art and receive support for a deep exploration of art across media.

Studio Art, man playing a cello and woman with keyboard floating around her

The arts support healthy communities socially, educationally, and economically.
Artwork by Jacob Depoint

Program Benefits

  • Students have the ability to choose their art studio courses more freely and combine them with relevant electives to develop a personal and focused practice.  
  • Students develop a breadth of skills in various media and learn about various creative applications in preparation for a defined professional goal.
  • Students engage in internships and gallery exhibits to discover practical applications beyond the studio, and gain exposure to regional and national art markets.
  • Faculty members are active professional artists with connections to the art industry.
  • Students experience intensive one-on-one studio interaction with accomplished artists.
  • Students participate in off-campus projects, extracurricular projects such as mural painting and graphic design campaigns.
  • Visiting speakers and off-campus experiences allow students to see art and design at work in the local industry.
This Outside the Frame - 2022 All High
All High Art Weekend

Daemen University will host its annual All High Art Weekend in February, which consists of a Portfolio Scholarship Day and an art exhibition. Thousands of dollars in scholarships will be awarded to standout portfolios and artwork.

Career Outlook

Daemen’s art program allows students to focus and explore many areas to develop a strong foundation of skills while also creating a varied and accomplished body of work. Therefore, graduates can work in many different areas of the arts. 

  • Studio artist
  • Gallerist
  • Mural painter
  • Art instructor
  • Art museum preparator
  • Book, magazine and newspaper illustrator
  • Album or graphic novel artist