Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Arts, B.S.

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Nationally, the arts and culture sector is a $878 billion industry, and the nonprofit sector accounts for 11.4 million jobs.

Learn the creative, business and leadership skills needed to launch a start-up or find a fulfilling career in the cultural sector.

Program Benefits

  • Enjoy creative flexibility, with a wide range of classes from many different fields, including business, marketing, entrepreneurship, fine arts, the performing arts, and more. 
  • Embrace entrepreneurial opportunities, including projects and internships with leading professional arts organizations in WNY’s vibrant and diverse culture. 
  • Study abroad to learn art history in Rome and Florence, art and entrepreneurship at the Venice Biennale, and more. 
  • Work together to develop and manage a creative enterprise, such as an exhibition, production or radio show. 
  • Gain skills in financial management, marketing, organizational, programming, and event planning.
Female student sitting in a theater
Form a Creative Enterprise

As a group, students will form a business enterprise and be guided through the process of producing a collective, artistic project (an exhibition, a production, a radio show, etc.). Together, students will work to develop, manage and present their creative endeavor for public reception.

Bill Siemering

Founding Member of National Public Radio's Board of Directors and President, Developing Radio Partners

Bill Siemering

"The Bachelor of Science in Leadership and  Entrepreneurship and the Arts was wisely initiated by the Daemen leadership and faculty to eliminate the cliché about the starving artist. How many parents advised their children not to major in the arts because they could never make a living that way? Now Daemen College will give students the knowledge, experience and skills to thrive in the arts. "

Career Outlook

Are you passionate about the arts? Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Our graduates can work in meaningful leadership positions in both non-profit or profit arts organizations or become successful, self-sustaining artists. Crafted with the help of 30 leading arts professionals, our program prepares students to find jobs, both locally and globally, within many different settings, including museums, symphonies, theatres, and more.

Popular career options include

  • Artistic, executive or managing director
  • Marketing director
  • Development director
  • Grants officer
  • Education director
  • Public relations 
  • Festival director

Course Sequence