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October 14th

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Education helps graduates build a solid technical and artistic foundation, and can improve employment prospects, even in occupations that don’t typically require a formal program.

Engage in intensive studio practice to create your own, unique extensive body of personal artwork.


Program Benefits

  • At Daemen, students are provided with classes, projects and guidance designed to explore, develop and evolve their voice.
  • Painting students take extensive courses in art history, design, drawing, and introductory courses in painting, which provides a foundation for the development of a personal body of painting that is conceptually and formally informed. 
  • Our foundational classes help students develop a solid grounding in essential areas and our advanced classes allow students to take their skills much further.
  • Students engage in internships and gallery exhibits to discover practical applications beyond the studio, and gain exposure to regional and national art markets.
  • Faculty members are active professional artists with connections to the art industry.
  • Students participate in off-campus projects, extracurricular projects such as mural painting and graphic design campaigns.
  • Visiting speakers and off-campus experiences allow students to see art and design at work in the local industry.
This Outside the Frame - 2022 All High
All High Art Weekend

Daemen University will host its annual All High Art Weekend in February, which consists of a Portfolio Scholarship Day and an art exhibition. Thousands of dollars in scholarships will be awarded to standout portfolios and artwork.

Career Outlook

Daemen’s painting program teaches students how to think creatively for themselves and prepares them for a lifelong engagement with the world of art.

  • Studio artist
  • Gallerist
  • Mural painter
  • Art instructor
  • Art museum preparator
  • Storyboard illustrator
  • Book, magazine and newspaper illustrator
  • Album or graphic novel artist 
Carlye Sager, ’19


Carlye Sager, ’19

Artist and painter, working towards a master’s in architecture.