Adolescent Education in English

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Job growth is expected to increase by 7 percent for middle school teachers and 8 percent for high school teachers from 2020-2030.

Gain field experience in classrooms earlier in your program compared to many other competing programs.

Daemen Pass Rate Above 90%

Daemen students have a combined pass rate consistently above 90 percent on the annual New York State Teacher Certification Examinations.

Program Benefits

  • Core and advanced specialty courses provide students with a strong understanding of English language fundamentals, such as reading, writing, and critical and creative thinking abilities. 
  • Education classes provide instruction in the craft of teaching and provide strong preparation for state Teacher Certification Exams.
  • Our study abroad experience in England allows students to explore literary and historical sites while learning about English culture.
  • Faculty and students attend the National College Media Convention to hear from Pulitzer Prize-winning speakers and partake in valuable sessions.
  • Students showcase published work in our campus literary magazine and student-run newspaper. 
  • Field experiences are available through Daemen’s partnerships with local public, private, and charter schools as well as educational agencies and community centers. 
  • Engage with educational technologies in your courses including video analysis software during field placements to get feedback on your teaching from instructors and current teachers.
  • Daemen’s Center for Interprofessional Learning and Simulation (CILS) provides students experiential learning opportunities to promote best practice and collaboration.
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Earn your Master's Degree at Daemen

Continue your education at Daemen and earn your master's degree! As a graduate student, you will learn how to create lesson plans aligned to New York State’s Next Generation learning standards, as well as understand the laws that protect students.

Career Outlook

Daemen graduates are teaching in many school districts and public school systems, including Buffalo, Williamsville, Clarence, Cheektowaga, New York City, Baltimore, and Myrtle Beach, among others. A number of our graduates have also advanced to working in educational administration.