Summer and Fall 2018

Advanced registration windows are available for current students, who are returning to the College the following semester.  If you are a first time First Year student this Fall, your registration is guided by our Academic Advisement office.  You will NOT register yourself.  You will receive your fall schedule at Orientation.

Registration for classes must be done online.  Please sign on to your MyDaemen page and you will be able to view your start time and date for your registration window, as well as access Self Service - Plan and Register.

As a current student you will be able to view your actual registration window in MyDaemenThis picture below is an EXAMPLE of what your message will look like.



Registration windows are assigned based upon class status as defined by credit hours earned at the time of window assignment.  The schedule published below has the overall schedule breakdown and credits earned information. Graduate students may begin registering at any time on Friday, April 6th.

Students may register when their registration window opens and anytime thereafter. Once your registration window opens, students may register 24/7.

How Do I Know How Many Credits I Have Earned?

When you run your program evaluation in Self Service, the “Total Combined Credits Earned” is at the top of the evaluation. You can also see credits earned by running your transcript: Log-in WebAdvisor; click on Students; under the Academic Profile section, click on Transcript; select Transcript Type: UNDERGRADUATE; click on SUBMIT. Scroll to the end of the transcript for total credits earned.

Registration Dates and Times

(Student registration windows are defined by credits already earned.)

Academic Level Credit Hrs. Earned Window Opens Date Window Opens Time
Graduates Any Fri., Apr 6th 12:01 am
Seniors 90 or more Mon., Apr 9th 12:01 am
Juniors 56-89 Wed., Apr 11th 12:01 am
Sophomores 46-55 Fri., Apr 13th 8:00 am
Sophomores 36-45 Fri., Apr 13th 10:00 am
Sophomores 26-35 Fri., Apr 13th 12:00 pm
First Year 18-25 Tues., Apr 17th 8:00 am
First Year 12-17 Tues., Apr 17th 10:00 am
First Year 0-11 Tues., Apr 17th​ 12:00 pm
Unclassified Any Mon., Apr 23rd 12:01 am
Go to MyDaemen to see your actual window start time

For Sophomores and First Years

  • If you are a first time First Year student this Fall, your registration is guided by our Academic Advisement office.  You will NOT be registering yourself.  
  • On the day when your registration window opens, registration support services will be available by contacting the offices of Academic Advisement and Registrar.
  • Students with outstanding Student Accounts are advised to resolve financial issues with the Student Accounts office prior to the opening of your registration window.
  • Regardless of when you registration window opens, Academic Advisement, Student Accounts and Registrar offices are open Mon.-Fri., 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Special Registration Times/Procedures

  • Daemen Honors Degree Program students, as well as Daemen Student Athletes, may register the day (12:01 am and anytime thereafter) prior to the opening of the registration window for their class.
  • The following departments will handle registration for their students and will inform them accordingly:
    • Executive Leadership and Change
    • 3rd Year and Professional Phase and Graduate Physical Therapy majors
    • 3rd and 4th Year and Graduate Physician Assistant majors

HEOP and Vision Program Students

Once the student's Education Plan has been approved by the Advisor, the student will meet a member of the HEOP/Vision staff for review and final authorization, thereby enabling them to register on-line using the priority registration schedule referenced above.