Students should read this information carefully before completing a cross registration form. Failure to do so may result in completion of course work which is not applicable to degree requirements and/or for which the student may incur an additional tuition liability for the cross registered course work.

The cross registration program enables full-time, matriculating students to take a course(s) at other participating area colleges/universities. Cross registrations are handled as if they were Daemen courses, i.e., all credits and grades are included in the calculation of the grade point average. There is no additional tuition charged to a student by the participating college/university if the student's total course load (Daemen courses plus the cross registered course) does not exceed 18 credit hours.

Cross-Registration and the Core Curriculum

  • Cross registered courses do not meet competencies, even if the course is the equivalent of a Daemen course which has been approved as meeting a competency.
  • The only core credits that may be satisfied with cross registered courses are Core Electives.
  • Service Learning (SL): Only in extraordinary circumstances, and only with the written authorization from the Core Coordinator (to the Registrar's Office) may a cross registered course be used to fulfill SL requirements.
  • Writing Intensive (WI): Only with the written authorization from the Core Coordinator (to the Registrar's Office) may a cross registered course be used to fulfill WI requirements.


  • The Daemen student must be a matriculating student who is carrying a full-time course load (12 credit hours) at Daemen during the semester in which he/she cross registers.
  • One course per semester may be taken as a cross registration.
  • Only undergraduate courses may be taken via the cross registration program. Independent Studies are not allowed.
  • The course for which a student cross registers cannot be offered at Daemen during the same semester. Fall and Spring semesters are the only times when a student may cross register.

Other Pertinent Information

  • If at any time during the semester, the student drops below 12 credit hours at Daemen, he/she is automatically ineligible to continue participation in the cross registration program. Daemen's Cross Registration Officer will notify the participating institution of the student’s ineligibility and the participating institution will determine the appropriate course of action to be taken, i.e., student will incur tuition liability for the cross registered course, or the participating institution will automatically cancel the enrollment in the cross registered course. Daemen University personnel will in no way intervene with the actions enforced by the participating institution.
  • Select participating institutions may enforce NYS or Erie County residency requirements in order to waive cross registration tuition charges. It is strongly recommended that a student consult on this issue with the Cross Registration Officer at the institutions where he/she wishes to cross register BEFORE cross registering. Click on the link at the end of this page for a complete listing of participating institutions and cross registration officers.
  • Cross registration in military science (ROTC) courses may result in the application of other policies and restrictions. Consult Daemen's Registrar for further details.
  • The participating institution may require any pertinent fees for select courses. Consult the Cross Registration Officer at the participating institution at the time that you cross register for information on courses with additional fees.

Please Note: A student who withdraws form all courses at Daemen during the semester of Cross Registration must also follow the visiting institution's procedures for withdrawing from the cross registered course in order to avoid receiving a failing grade in the course due to non-attendance.

Participating Institutions

Access schedules from participating institutions

Procedure For Cross Registration

  1. Complete a cross registration form (access the form by backing up to the previous page and clicking on the link at the bottom of that page). Be certain to complete all information requested, including the course, course number, title and credit hours the course carries.
  2. Consult the on-line transfer course equivalency database (see Find Course Equivalencies) to determine if a course is equivalent to one of Daemen’s courses. If yes, indicate this on the form under “Comparable Daemen Course”
  3. Secure the signature of your Academic Advisor. If the course was not included in our database, you will also need to secure the signature of the appropriate Daemen Department Chairperson, i.e., an Art course requires the signature of the Art Chair, etc. The appropriate Daemen Department Chair should also complete the “Comparable Daemen Course” information.
  4. When the required faculty signature(s) is(are) secured, bring the form to the Registrar’s Office for Daemen’s Cross Registration Officer’s review and signature. (Note that the Registrar will not authorize release of the form until the appropriate faculty signature(s) is(/are) secured.)
  5. Bring the cross registration form to the participating college/university.
  6. Once you have cross registered at the participating institution, return to Daemen’s Registration office to add the course to your Daemen schedule. Be sure to bring the printed course schedule given to you at the other institution and inform the Daemen Registration Clerk that you are a Daemen student wishing to cross register.