If you are a TTI student, information pertinent to your program will be found here: hub.daemen.edu

Withdrawals and Refunds

  • The University views registration as the student's official statement of intent to enroll for the semester.
  • Once registered, the student is financially obligated for the payment of all applicable tuition and fees unless a Notice of Intent to Withdraw form is filed in the Student Success Center on the First Floor of RIC. 
  • The date of withdrawal will in every case be considered to be on or after the date on which a Notice of Intent to Withdraw form has been completed. 
  • Should a student fail to follow the withdrawal procedure outlined above, no refund will be made.
  • Refunds will be issued approximately 60% of the way into each semester as long as ALL financial aid and/or loans have been credited to your account.  You will be notified via Daemen email once a refund is being processed for you.
  • Advances are NOT available.  Please budget accordingly each semester.

Tuition Liability dates for the Amherst Campus are as follows:

Add/Drop Period:
0% liability = 100% Refund
Week 1 after add/drop:
20% liability = 80% Refund
Week 2 after add/drop:
40% liability = 60% Refund
Week 3 after add/drop:
60% liability = 40% Refund
Week 4 after add/drop:
80% liability = 20% Refund
Week 5 after add/drop:
100% liability = No Refund

*If your program or classes have special start and/or end dates, the tuition liability dates may vary.


With the exception of enrollment cancellation, academic dismissal, or withdrawal from Daemen University, which automatically terminates this agreement, students signing this agreement are entering into an academic lease and therefore, are not eligible for release from the Housing Agreement during the period in which it is in effect. In rare cases, such as: participating in a University-sponsored program away from the Amherst area, serious illness or injury to the student, or death in the immediate family, the student may submit an exemption form to the Director of Housing and Residence Life and Housing Committee for review of possible release from Agreement. Decision to release the student from this agreement is solely at the discretion of the Director or their designee.

If termination is granted, the student is subject to a $750 early termination fee and forfeiture of the $200 Housing Deposit.

If a student withdraws from the institution before the add/drop date after the start of the academic semester, a prorated daily amount will be charged for both housing and food. If a student withdraws from the institution after the add/drop date, the student is responsible in accordance with the University’s liability chart for both housing and food. Failure to officially withdraw from housing, return keys and remove personal items may result in additional housing charges.

Disciplinary dismissal from the University or the University residence halls will subject the student to forfeiture of housing and food fees for the remainder of the semester.