For the well-being of the Daemen campus community, visitors must follow protocols and take extra precautions as outlined below. We appreciate your compliance with these measures and helping to keep our campus community safe.

Short-Term Visitor
  • A short-term visitor is defined as an individual who is on-campus for 30 minutes or less and includes a visit to pick up supplies, pay a bill, get mail, etc. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Certain vendors such as package delivery professionals, vending machine product supplies, and food deliveries. 
  • A short-term visitor does not require pre-approved permission to come to campus. 
Extended Visitor
  • An extended visitor is defined as an individual who is on campus for more than 30 minutes and/or performing specific tasks that will have them in direct contact with other individuals. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Current faculty, staff, and/or students who are not already pre-approved for a current wave or for a meeting.
    • Outside vendors and/or corporate partners who are coming on campus to meet with other Daemen community members.
    • Prospective faculty, staff, or students wanting to interview and/or receive a campus tour.
    • Significant others of current faculty, staff, and students approved to be on campus wanting to visit.

Individuals requesting to come on campus for an extended visit must: 

  • Complete the visitor form prior to their arrival (guests can also complete it upon arrival).  
  • Check in at the respective visitor kiosk to complete a short health screening and receive a nametag so that others know they have been approved to be on campus.
    • Visitors (non-admissions): check in at the Campus Safety Desk in the Wick Student Center (lobby)
    • Prospective students and families: check in at the visitor kiosk in Rosary Hall