Complaint Procedures

Daemen University is committed to serving its students effectively and responsively. Students with questions or concerns should communicate directly with the department or office concerned, with a view to resolving the issue as expeditiously as possible. If the matter remains unresolved at the department/unit level, students should bring their complaint to the attention of the dean of the pertinent academic division, the dean of students, the bursar, or the associate vice president for academic affairs, as applicable. The Student Dispute Resolution Procedure or the Grievance Procedure in Discrimination and Harassment Cases (both contained in the Daemen University Student Handbook) will be followed when applicable.

Students who are unsure of whom to contact or who need further guidance may contact the Chief Diversity Officer, who is the University's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Officer. Any questions concerning this policy and any complaints of discrimination should be communicated to the EOAA Officer, Duns Scotus, Room 115, telephone (716) 566-7880.