General Information

Non-graduating last semester students (undergraduate and graduate) are permitted to walk in the May Commencement ceremony provided they meet certain requirements at the time of the ceremony; that is, such students are cleared for walking in the same manner that graduating seniors are cleared.

Criteria to be eligible for Walking in May prior to graduating:

1. No more than TWO courses OR final, clinical/professional rotation(s) as scheduled by your Department, are outstanding.

2. It is possible to complete all requirements by August 31, 2019

3. You are a student in good standing, with a minimum overall GPA of 2.00 (Undergraduate) or 3.00 (Graduate).

4. Approval from your faculty advisor(s) and academic program chair(s).  The Office of the Registrar will contact them for their sign off.

You must apply to be considered by completing the Application for Degree. Please indicate on the form you are interested in Walking in our May Ceremony. 

Link to Application for Degree - Click Here

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please address your inquiries to Ms. Tiffany L. Shadden, Associate Registrar, tshadden@daemen.edu.