In order to graduate, you must complete an Application for Graduation through Self-Service. 

Application Deadlines:

Typical Cycle

Actual for This Academic Year

Anticipated Graduation


June 10, 2025

September Graduates

Early October

October 2, 2024

January Graduates

Early February

February 5, 2024

May Graduates

Once your application is received in the Registrar's Office. You are then added to the list of prospective graduates and your academic record will be reviewed to determine your status for graduation. 

The academic records of applicants for graduation are reviewed by an evaluator in the Registrar's office. Evaluations begin shortly after the drop/add period for the term in which you are anticipated as completing degree requirements (prospective May graduates are reviewed in the Spring semester; prospective January graduates are reviewed in the Fall semester; prospective September graduates are reviewed in the Summer). The evaluator will send notification of status for graduation to the applicant's Daemen email account.


o    Those students required to submit an application form include: Students completing any program leading to a Bachelor's degree OR BS and MS degree, OR Master's degree OR Doctoral degree. 

o    Athletic Training majors and Physical Therapy majors who are completing the BS (to be completed at the end of the program's Year 4 studies) or the MS (for Athletic Training majors) or the DPT (for Physical Therapy majors) portion of their program (the MS, Athletic Training, and DPT studies to be completed upon conclusion of all program requirements) are required to submit an application for graduation. 

o    If you have completed any of your requirements at another institution (or via an exam program such as CLEP and/or Excelsior College), an official transcript of the course work, and, for transfer studies taken after you began your studies at Daemen, a permission form approving this course work, must be on file in Daemen's Registrar's office, in order to grant the credit and meet a program requirement. A student must request that his/her official transcript be sent to Daemen - we cannot do it for you. Don't wait until the last minute to have your official transcripts sent to us or you will run the risk of not graduating on time!!! If you're unsure if a transcript has arrived, contact us and we will be happy to check your file.