WildcatWorks aka Handshake

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What is WildcatWorks?

WildcatWorks aka Handshake is Daemen University Career Services hub for job and internships, career planning resources, career-related event information, and scheduling capabilities with a career advisor.  The platform was designed by students for students and is used at over 400 schools by more than 200K employers.  By completing your online profile it allows you to receive personal recommendations based on your interests, skills, major, location preferences, and search history. With representation from 100% of the Fortune 500, discover and save favorite jobs at top financial institutions, cutting-edge tech companies, leading design and marketing agencies, as well as nonprofits.

Some of WildcatWorks Features Include:

  • A fully customizable profile which showcases your work experiences and exciting parts of your portfolio
  • Personalized job recommendations based on your major and interests
  • Simple registration for career advisor appointments and career events
  • Systems for tracking job applications

But there's a whole lot more where that came from?  It's through this system that you'll find a full collection of career-related resources as well as personalized updates on opportunities to take advantage of and tasks to complete before graduating.  Think of WildcatWorks as your one-stop-shop for building your brand and engaging with employers.  Log in today using your Daemen email and password and complete your profile and put your best self forward to employers.

Top Five Ways to Use WildcatWorks

Be sure to download Handshake Mobile to discover jobs on the go and to stay on track with reminders for application deadlines and direct messages from employers. Finding a job and building a career can be daunting, but WildcatWorks is here to help find a job, build a meaningful career and meet your potential.