Gallery Events

The Elizabeth C. and Peter Tower Gallery, combined with the Karamanoukian Gallery space, provides immediate access to regional, national, and international artists exhibiting in a range of fine and applied arts media that benefits both Daemen students and the community at large. Each Spring, the Gallery shifts its focus to showcase the work of regional high school students with our annual All High Exhibition, the Undergraduate student show, as well as Senior Thesis exhibits.

Muhammad Z. Zaman art piece
Fragile Warriors: Muhammad Z. Zaman
September 10 - October 01, 2021

Fragile Warriors is composed of works on canvas that investigate the artistic evolution of Zaman and themes most representative in his art.  Also, exhibited for the first time, are works on paper and fabric.  The title of this body of work, Fragile Warriors, expresses the frustration, uncertainty, and fear of the present along with the desire to resist and rebuild.  The dissonance derived from conflicting feelings and the forced immobility have made all of us fragile warriors who are isolated, powerless, yet unified with responsibilities greater than ourselves.