Gabrielle Sinnott, a junior in the History and Political Science Department, spent the semester interning at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site in Buffalo, New York.

Sinnott, a junior, was alerted to the internship through the department chair, Dr. Penny Messinger.

Museum Artifacts

Sinnott learned how to use museum collections software and learned about museum installation and exhibits. 

“Dr. Messinger sent me an email and encouraged me to apply,” said Sinnott.  “The interview process happened quickly — it was very laid-back and I had a really good feeling about it after I had left.”

The internship was rich with history and hands-on research. She learned how to use museum collections software and learned about museum installation and exhibits while organizing the April Fool’s Fun event. The event was geared toward all ages and included hiding anachronisms throughout the museum.

Sinnott said, “Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated in the library in 1901. So, I had to research, collect, and document the objects that I received that were post 1901 to hide in the museum. We then instructed the guests to go through each room to try and find what doesn’t belong.”

Sinnott explained the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site is considered a house museum and doesn’t get the funding that major museums receive.

“Because of a lack of funding, people within the museum have to multitask or work within a few different departments. I like that aspect of it because you get to do different things all the time,” said Sinnott.”

Working in a museum or teaching is high on Sinnott’s future career goals.

Sinnott said, “I love the idea of public history and the interactive part of museums. Ultimately, I would like to become a medical anthropologist and teach in an institution.”

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Photos