Kirstie Hanson

Kirstie Hanson​Daemen health promotion student, Kirstie Hanson, desired an internship in a dynamic environment that provided an opportunity to work in marketing and communications within the health field. Hanson, a Jamestown, New York native, had her sights set on an internship at the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and felt prepared to land the internship after preparation from Daemen’s Career Services Office.  

The Career Service office offers a career preparation seminar that teaches students how to prepare for both pre-employment and career skills. 

Hanson said, “The career prep class taught me how to write a well-polished résumé, answer interview questions, and taught me general interpersonal skills.”

Hanson’s preparedness paid off. After submitting a letter of intent and resume to Phil Haberstro, the executive director of The Wellness Institute, she was granted an interview and later offered the internship position.  

Interning in the Marketing and Communications Department was beneficial for Hanson whose future plans include an integrated marketing degree in graduate school.

“My placement was unique because I was exposed to several organizations through Phil’s extensive connections from past partnerships, existing coalitions, and future business endeavors,” said Hanson.

Hanson also tapped into her educational training while covering events.

“I attended events and interviewed individuals,” said Hanson. “I was tasked to write press releases and stories for publication and mass media submission-- including but not limited to WBFO and the Buffalo News.”

Hanson’s time at the Wellness Institute helped her to be more prepared for the future.

“I learned how to find my place and role in an organization,” said Hanson. I also learned when to listen and when to share my own thoughts for worthwhile discussion.”

Hanson will be attending graduate school in 2018 and plans to work in public relations in the healthcare field upon graduation.

For information about landing an internship, visit Career Services.