The inherent issue with responding to a posted job or internship opportunity is that they generally receive many applicants depending on the number of people that see the advertised position. Daemen College Junior, Morgan Villnave, chose her own route and sent an unsolicited letter of interest to an overseas organization where she had a desire to work.

“I sent my resume to a contact at BVM Medical located in Leicestershire, England without knowing if they had any available internships, said Villnave. “They responded by requesting a phone interview with me for a position that was not advertised.” 

Villnave was offered the position, coordinated flight and living arrangements, and spent eight weeks working with and observing the sales process, the Shipping and Receiving Department, and the Human Resources Department. She noted that observing several divisions will allow her to make an educated decision regarding her place in international business after graduation.

Interning at BVM Medical also gave Villnave the opportunity to work extensively with their charity, The U Foundation. The organization helps young people in developing countries, particularly rural African communities, with education and learning. 

“I worked with the charity on their biggest event-- a London to Paris charity bike ride,” said Villnave. “I assisted with the planning and preparations for the ride as well as auditing finances after the event. I got to travel with the riders and saw some amazing places including North Yorkshire, Compiègne, Hamburg, and of course London and Paris.” 

Villnave stated that she feels more comfortable in an international business setting and feels the experience will help her to reach her goals in working for a not-for-profit organization after graduation. She also intends to obtain a master’s degree in political science specializing in international relations and global issues.