Position Description

Daemen University is a dynamic, independent, liberal arts institution committed to excellence in student centered learning. The University places special emphasis on preparing students for excellence in professional life, civic engagement, and on instilling and understanding that learning is an exciting lifelong journey. Students are encouraged to be creative, innovative, ethically minded leaders for an ever-changing, diverse, and interconnected world.

The Mission of Daemen University is to prepare students for life and leadership in an increasingly diverse and complex world through the integration of education and professional preparation. Daemen University is going beyond instrumental needs to foster the development of individuals who are dedicated to the health and well-being of local and global communities.

Purpose of Role

The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing oversees the Admissions operations of the University and provides strategic leadership and management for all aspects of a comprehensive admissions program to ensure the achievement of the enrollment goals in a manner consistent with the University's mission and strategic plan.

About This Opportunity

Joining the leadership team at Daemen, the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing will partner with the President, his Cabinet and other key campus stakeholders. The incumbent will help to implement a financial aid leveraging model that will enable the University to use resources effectively and responsibly while enrolling a strong, qualified, and diverse student body.

Finally, the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing will be expected to implement strategies and plans for carrying out the major recruitment components of the Daemen University Strategic Plan, including the recruitment of international students, and work collaboratively with the Vice President for Student Affairs on matters of retention and persistence.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design, implement, maintain, and communicate an annual comprehensive student recruitment plan;
  • Assist the Student Excellence and Persistence (StEP) Task Force in the development and implementation of strategies and plans for carrying out the retention and persistence components of the Daemen University Strategic Plan;
  • Take a lead role in the recruitment of international students;
  • Commit to the student-centered mission and vision of the institution;
  • Collaborate with the athletic department (NCAA Division II) on financial aid and recruitment efforts;
  • Provide leadership regarding all marketing activities, including branding, social media, digital communications, and advertising. This includes broad oversight and a respectful, hands-on management style, with a working knowledge of current best practices in student recruitment, marketing, and strategic management of financial aid.
  • Provide oversight and direction for on-campus admissions functions such  as campus tours, Visit Days, telecounseling, guidance counselor workshops, and University fairs;
  • Review admissions applications and make decisions under approved;
  • Interview and counsel prospective students and their parents;
  • Identify qualified recipients and lead efforts to award scholarships;
  • Serve on the President's Cabinet and work closely with the President, Board of Trustees, and Cabinet to provide overall leadership and direction on enrollment matters;
  • Oversee daily operations to ensure appropriate staffing of positions and staff development; encourage and support opportunities for professional growth for all staff members; foster a work environment with respect, collaboration, and excellence.
  • Develop annual budget requests for the enrollment enterprise of the University;
  • Provide comprehensive enrollment reports, foster a data-driven culture, utilize a variety of reporting tools, and collaborate with Institutional Research, Institutional Effectiveness, and Information Technology staff to ensure consistent data reporting;
  • Represent the University on enrollment-related matters to parents, community members, and other constituents.

Required Qualifications

The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing must possess a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited University or College and significant, progressive leadership experience in the field of enrollment management and admissions programs. The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree and demonstrated experience with financial aid leveraging and strategic planning.

The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing must have strong leadership qualities; the ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with colleagues throughout the campus community; outstanding communication skills, and a willingness to involve members of the extended campus community in recruitment and enrollment-related activities; the ability to learn, use, implement, evaluate and recommend current and future technologies in the enrollment management area; have strong administrative, financial management/budgeting, planning and problem-solving skills; and strong working knowledge of current higher education and enrollment issues in the State of New York, nationally, and internationally.

The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing should have knowledge of and expertise in:

  • Current student recruitment strategies and techniques, including those involving Web- based applications and delivery;
  • Current best practices in admissions operations, programs, and services;
  • Current State, National, and International admissions trends, issues, and strategies;
  • Branding and marketing strategies and techniques, specifically as applicable to student recruitment; and
  • Higher education curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular objectives and programming at the University.

Total Compensation

Daemen University offers a robust total compensation package that includes:

  • Health insurance with an option of two plans: an HSA plan with the deductible funded by employer HSA contributions, or a copay plan.
  • Dental insurance through the Guardian network.
  • Vision insurance through the Guardian network, and an option between the VSP or Davis plans.
  • An 8% employer contribution to the retirement savings account when employees contribute just 5%.
  • Fully paid long-term disability insurance, and guaranteed-issue life insurance for new hires up to a volume of $150,000.
  • Tuition waiver for full-time employees and their qualified dependents. Entrance in Tuition Exchange scholarship opportunities to pursue education at other institutions.
  • Four weeks of vacation.
  • Salary range: $125,000 - $135,000

Daemen University strongly encourages all campus community members to get vaccinated for COVID-19, including a booster vaccine.