Summary of Employee Benefits 

Daemen University proudly offers a comprehensive employee benefits package including medical, dental, vision and voluntary life insurances; retirement plan; tuition benefits; disability and group travel accident insurances; vacation, sick and personal time.  Please refer to the following summary for a description of benefits.

Please review the following benefits regarding the 2024 - 2025 plan year, which is effective starting June 1, 2024:

Employee Sick Time Benefits

Employee Sick Time Information

Daemen provides paid sick time benefits to all employees according to their employment type.  Please see tabs below for more details.

Staff Sick Time Policies

Employee Leave of Absence Information (FMLA, NYS PFL, Disability)

Leave of Absence Information

The Request For Leave of Absence Form must be completed and returned to the Employee Engagement Office (DS 126) or  at least 30 days prior to the start of the leave if the need is foreseeable based on an expected birth, placement for adoption or foster care, planned medical treatment for a serious health condition of the employee or of a family member, or the planned medical treatment for a serious injury or illness of a covered servicemember.

Time Off Benefits

Employee Time Off Request (Bereavement, Jury Duty, Vote)

Form to complete & submit to Employee Engagement: Employee Time Off Request

Death in Family: Full time employees are allowed time off with pay upon a death in the immediate family. In case of the death of father, mother, spouse, child, brother, sister, mother-in-law, or father-in-law, grandfather or grandmother, up to four days will be granted depending upon the circumstances of the case. Part-time, per diem and temporary employees are not eligible for this benefit.

Jury Duty: The University considers such duty an obligation and responsibility. Any Full Time or Limited Full Time
employee who is summoned for jury duty will be paid by the University for the duration of their jury duty
service.  Employees must provide proper evidence as to jury service to the Employee Engagement
All other employees will receive jury service pay for the first three days of service as required by law.

Right to Vote: New York employers must provide employees with time off to vote in accordance with these state rules. If an employee does not have 4 consecutive hours at the beginning or end of their working shift when the polls open and close, they may take off up to 2 hours, without loss of pay, to allow them time to vote if they are a registered voter. 

  • Paid time off rules: Of the time taken off to vote, up to 2 hours may be taken without loss of pay. Time off to vote must be taken at the beginning or end of the person's work shift unless otherwise mutually agreed upon between the employee and employer.
  • Advance notice requirements: An employee who needs time off to vote shall notify the employer no more than 10 or less than 2 working days before election day that time off is required.
  • Amount of time off allowed: Of the time taken off to vote, up to 2 hours may be taken without loss of pay if you do not have 4 consecutive hours either from the opening of the polls to the beginning or your working shift, or between the end of your working shift and the closing of the polls.
  • When time off not allowed: If an employee has 4 consecutive nonworking hours when the polls are open, the employee has sufficient time outside of work to vote.