Hiring Supervisor Information & Procedures

Job Postings/Hiring Documents:

If you are hiring for a new or replacement position in your department, please complete the appropriate Job Requisition Form in ApplicantPro.

Return to the completed form along with appropriate approval signatures to the Employee Engagement Office, 109 Getzville, or electronically to hr@daemen.edu. A digital copy of the Job Description must be emailed to the Employee Engagement Office as well.

Please note, the university is currently registered as an employer in NY, NJ, UT, VT, CA and specific counties in OH and PA only. If you believe you wish to hire an individual who will work remotely from a state other than the five states listed above, you will need to coordinate in advance with the Employee Engagement and Accounting Department for approval. This is to ensure proper state registration and legal compliance is complete prior to date of hire. Depending on the state, this could take at least 2 to 3 months.


ApplicantPro is now configured for requisition input and approval entirely.  You will no longer need to submit a paper form.  Please see one of the below workflows to input a digital requisition.  If you do not have access to ApplicantPro or forgot your password, please contact hr@daemen.edu.



  • Hiring and Onboarding Checklists for Supervisors
    • A helpful guide for all hiring supervisors on the processes and what to submit for your new hire before they begin working.
  • IT Office Equipment & Account Activation Information
    • Requests for employee's IT equipment and access will be submitted by the hiring supervisor via the IT New User Request Form. Each supervisor is responsible for completing the form to obtain email, phone, and access to all required technology as applicable to the new hire's job, ie Blackboard, Colleague.
    • Accounts will be created no sooner than one month before the employees expected start date (exceptions can be requested). Accounts are created twice a week every Wednesday and Friday morning as per IT's procedures.
    • IT will follow up with the hiring supervisor to finalize the details of the request, and coordinate when to set everything up for the newly hired employee. All IT equipment given to the employee is tracked for proper retrieval or updating policies issued through the IT department.  
    • Once your new hire's account is created, they will receive an email with a link to activate their Daemen email.  The link to activate their email will expire within 24 hours for security purposes.  Their Daemen email will not be activated until they complete the registration process. 
      • What your new hire will receive to their personal email for setting up their Daemen email:
    • For new hire IT activation, the IT procedure regarding this activation timeline is not determined by the Office of Employee Engagement.


  • Using your web browser, go to the web page: https://daemen-ny.safecolleges.com/
  • All hiring supervisors and hiring committees must complete the SafeColleges training: Conducting Job Interviews which will be assigned by the Employment Coordinator. 
    • The course provides supervisory staff members with techniques on conducting an effective interview, with a focus on avoiding discrimination. It will review what constitutes discrimination, how to properly prepare for the interview process, and how to conduct an effective interview and avoid discriminating against any job candidate.

Committee Search Policy:

Interviews are coordinated by the Search Committee and/or Hiring Manager.

The Office of Employee Engagement can assist with support discussing total compensation with the candidates.

Candidate Travel Guidelines:

If you are highly interested in a candidate that will need travel arrangements (flight, hotel stay, etc.) email hr@daemen.edu at least 2 weeks before you plan to have them on campus so we can schedule everything properly with our travel agency. It is up to one of the committee members to coordinate the pickup and drop off for the incoming candidate from the airport to the hotel. 

Meal Policy for Interviews:

This policy is intended to provide general guidelines to Search Committee chairs regarding scheduling meals with candidates. The policy will ensure that all applicants receive a similar interview experience at Daemen University and allocates university resources in a prudent and responsible manner. The Office of Employee Engagement will only cover the expenses for 1 MEAL during the candidate's stay - whether that is breakfast, lunch, or dinner will be up to the committee to decide and confirm with Employee Engagement PRIOR to the interview. Other expenses will have to come out of the appropriate department/office budget. 

Meals arranged by a Search Committee should be limited to a maximum of three members from the committee and the candidate (for a total of 4). Meals should be arranged through the Daemen Dining Service and held in the John R. Yurtchuk Student Center Executive Dining Room or other suitable location on-campus whenever possible.

The committee may arrange for one meal at a local restaurant for up to three members of the committee and the candidate if Daemen Dining Services is not an option for that interview date. An original itemized receipt must be submitted to the Business Office for reimbursement with an appropriate Purchase Requisition listing the details of the interview date/time/candidate name, who was in attendance for the meal from committee, etc. The receipt should indicate those present at the meal and the meal gratuity should not exceed 20% of the bill.

Meal expenses may not exceed the following cost per person to be covered by the Employee Engagement Office:



cost per person max

Dining Services/ 

cost per person max



$6 - $7



$9 - $10



$12 - $14

The University will not pay for alcohol served at any meals. Any request for payment over these limits must be approved by the appropriate Cabinet officer before the scheduled event.

Procedure to Arrange for On-Campus Meal Service:

  1. The Search Committee chair or representative should contact Conference Services at ext. 8253 or events@daemen.edu to reserve the Executive Dining Room as soon as t he interview is scheduled.
  2. After the room is reserved, contact Daemen Dining Services at ext. 8328. The catering staff has a variety of menu options available that will not exceed the meal maximums above. 7 days advanced notice is requested.
  3. Send a Daemen Purchase Requisition to the Business Office (DS Room 106) and include the following information: the event date, location, meal option selected, budget account to be charged and contact information for the event planner. 
  4. Missing Receipt Form