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While the ABA does not require any particular course or course of study in preparation for law school, the courses in the Pre-Law minor provide students with substantive legal knowledge and will hone the skills that are critical for law school admission and success. Our rigorous, yet flexible, Pre-Law minor establishes intent/interest in a legal career and demonstrates academic ability in rigorous coursework. In addition to the the study of the American legal system, courses in the minor emphasize reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing proficiency.

The Pre-Law minor provides valuable preparation for law school with coursework that fosters the skills necessary for law school success. As a pre-law student, you may major in any discipline. The Pre-Law minor offers a structured bundling of courses in preparation for law school.

Pre-Law Studies Highlights

The courses in the Pre-Law minor will help you develop:

  • The ability to solve problems creatively
  • Exceptional oral and writing skills, and the ability to advocate a particular point of view
  • The ability to critically analyze documents and arguments
  • The ability to recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas

Program Information

  • You are provided with Pre-Law advising and support from History & Political Science faculty.
  • You can be an active member of the Pre-Law Student Association.
  • You can participate in the Annual Moot Court Experience.
  • You can select from a variety of challenging courses that build your writing and oral presentation skills.
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Additional Information


For more information contact our Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Lisa Parshall at 716.839.8303 or