Welcome to student life at Daemen College! An important part of your college experience happens outside of the classroom, and we hope you get involved in the different student organizations and the variety of activities that Daemen offers. We are a small school with a world of opportunities

for you to take advantage of. Be open to new experiences and embrace the diversity of the college. You will be exposed to different ideas, different kinds of music, art, food, and activities. Try new things and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. This is what college life is all about! We have a casual office — stop by with any questions you have, or just to say “hi”. We are always happy to see you.

Chris Malik,

Director of Student Activities

Student Activities Office

The Student Activities Office is responsible for the authorization and coordination of student organization sponsored programming held on campus. The office also coordinates the student use of Wick Campus Center with the Conference Office, which authorizes facility use by non-student groups.

Recognized student organizations are permitted to reserve rooms in Wick for meetings and activities.  Requests for use of a room can be made to the Director of Student Activities, whose office is located in Wick Center.   A computerized Event Management System (EMS) is used for all buildings on campus, tracking every meeting, event, and use of a room on a web-based calendar. This searchable calendar is viewable to all as a link off your MyDaemen page on the Daemen College website.

The Director of Student Activities acts as moderator to the Student Association, can advise student organizations in all aspects of planning and programming, act as a liaison between student organizations and other campus offices, and can help to publicize events through the MyDaemen calendar on the Daemen website.