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Institutional Advancement is dedicated to advocating for Daemen University through planned, ambitious friend-raising and fundraising programs. Institutional Advancement increases awareness and obtains the necessary financial support to meet the current and future goals of Daemen University.


Unite and expand a diverse, engaged community of supporters to advance the positive impact of Daemen University.


Inclusion – We honor and celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues while working together inclusively toward the goals of Daemen University.

Integrity – We adhere to the highest ethical standards in gift acceptance and data management and respect privacy and confidentiality, using the Donor Bill of Rights.

Excellence – We take pride in our work, with a commitment to providing dependable information and resources.

Innovation – We challenge ourselves to be forward-thinking risk-takers, open to change and creative ideas beyond the familiar and established practices, to provide best-in-class, inventive solutions.

Partnership – We welcome partnership and collaboration among our colleagues, creating an environment of respect, trust, teamwork, and honesty to grow a culture of philanthropy together.

Stewardship – We are active in thanking our donors and partners. We are committed to bringing our donors closer to Daemen University